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Elite Dog Bark Collar with Large Display

Elite Dog Bark Collar, USB Rechargeable IPX7 waterproof NO Bark Collar with Harmless Static Shock, Vibration and Beep Modes Fits All Breeds, Upgraded Bark Detection Technology (6” to 20” Necks)
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A well-trained dog makes a happy family.

Professional training for every dog.

LumoLeaf Elite Dog Bark Collar uses a series of tones, vibrations, and humane static shocks to discourage incessant barking. Your dog will quickly associate these signals with their unwanted barking.
  • Beeps only
  • Beeps+Vibrations
  • Beeps+Static Shocks
  • Beeps+Vibrations+Static Shocks
  • Built-in Protection Modes
Make anti-bark training affordable and comfortable for you and your canine companion.

Fully adjustable for breeds and temperaments over 10 lbs and older than 6 months.

  • Customized Training Modes
  • Advanced Bark Detection Technology
  • USB Rechargeable
  • IPX7 Waterproof


LumoLeaf Elite Dog Bark Collar Is So Much More Than A Bark Control Collar.

Every dog learns differently, and the LumoLeaf Elite Dog Bark Collar lets you tailor your training methods accordingly.

Equipped with 3 levels of sensitivity and 3 types training corrections that you can use separately or in conjunction with each other, this revolutionary electronic puppy training collar puts your pet on the fast track to being an obedient and enjoyable member of your family. Adjustable from 6” to 20”, it is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

The Elite Dog Bark Collar boasts an IPX7 waterproof control unit so you can train your dog in an weather. The Customizable Training Modes offer a progression of corrective modes that include audible beeps, vibrations, and static shocks. They can be used together, or you can shut off the shock and vibration modes to train your dog by audible beeps only. For the safety of your dog, a protective mode shuts the collar off altogether if 7 corrections are issued in 1 minute. Every collar comes with helpful training tips.

This state-of-the-art training collar features a large illuminated alphanumeric display on the control unit, making settings and adjustments quick and easy. The dual-chamber shell cover protects electronic components for impacts and water sprays so your puppy can still frolic with abandon. The unit charges in 2 hours and has a 14-day standby time so you can take advantage of training opportunities whenever they arise.


How LumoLeaf Dog Bark Collar Trains Your Dog?

LumoLeaf Dog Bark Collar uses THREE safe and humane methods of correction: Beep Sound, Vibration & Static Shock. When your dog barks, LumoLeaf Dog Bark Collar responds immediately by emitting a beep tone and a series of vibrations (similar to the vibrate function of your cell phone) or harmless static shocks. You can make a combination of corrections as you need. The Vibration and Static Shock can be fully SHUT OFF is needed. Again all functions are tested on different breeds and it's 100% safe for your pet friends! This safe and effective combination of bark control captures the attention of your dog each time they begin nuisance barking. They will soon associate these distracting corrections with their unnecessary barking. Once the dog has made the association, they will no longer want to bark unnecessarily.

Happy Training!

For more helpful Training Tips, contact LumoLeaf Customer Care Team.


The proper fit and placement of Collar are important for effective operation.

Do Not leave your dog alone the first few times he receives a Correction.

Be patient, give your dog more time to learn.

The Contact Probes must have direct contact with your dog’s skin on the underside of his/her neck.

> Place the Collar around your dog’s neck and adjust the Collar belt length using the slide buckle.

> Carefully center the probes underneath your dog’s neck, touching the skin. 

> Check the tightness of the Collar. The Collar should fit snugly, and loose enough to allow one finger to fit between the belt and dog’s neck. Allow your dog to wear the Collar for several minutes, then recheck the fit. 

Most dog will understand in a short time that the Collar is disrupting their urge to bark and will relax and stop barking. Since the correction stimuli from the Collar may be surprising or startling at first, some dogs may bark more at the initial stimuli. 


If your dog gets into bark-correction-bark-correction cycle, relax your dog with calm and soothing tones. He/she will understand if stop barking, he/she will not receive any more correction stimuli.

Always remember that dog personalities differ among and within the breed. A dog who is easily distracted may take longer to train.


You should notice a reduction in your dog’s barking within the first couple of days after he wears the Anti-bark collar. Please remember the learning process is still not complete. Put the Collar on your dog in every situation when you expect him/her to be quiet. 

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